The beautiful berber woman

"Tête de femme, Biskra"  is the title of this famous painting of Marie Caire, named Madame Jean Tonnoir. This portrait of a young berber woman is exposed in the Paris Museum of the Quai Branly. The picture shows a young woman from Biskra (Algeria) with her beautiful coiffure.

The Berber Fibula and a real Family's Story

Abdenbi Adnani ("Zaroual") in his boutique "La Fibule Berbère"
Abdenbi Adnani ("Zaroual") in his boutique "La Fibule Berbère"

"La Fibule Berbère"   exists since 1998. Before Abdenbi Adnani ("Zaroual") opened his boutique, he made "the markets", travelling from one souk to the other, to sell jewelries and other artisanal pieces. 

Adnani originates from an berber family of the High Atlas, from the region between Marrakeck and Quarzazate. The familiy members still were, until the years of 1960, half-nomades who crossed the mountains during part of the year. 

Nevertheless, Adnani yet had collected jewelry and studied the history of moroccan artisan craftwork. Many books in his boutique show the man's passion for his profession. Today, this family is present in Essaouira with two  stores and several nephews of Zaroual.